Order a Memorial Paver or Bench

Leaving a permanent legacy involves creating a lasting impact, recognition or influence that endures beyond one’s lifetime. It is about contributing something meaningful to the world and to future generations. Our Houston firefighters have touched so many families in our community as part of their personal legacy, and you can honor that legacy for generations to come by naming your loved one in our Memorial Garden.

Memorial Paver You can order a memorial paver to be added to the garden. Download the order form here   and follow the instructions to commemorate your loved one with a lasting tribute.

Bench Alternatively, consider purchasing a bench in their honor. You will help create the bench design to ensure a meaningful space and recognition is created within the garden. We only have a few benches left before this portion of the memorial runs out of space. Download the order form here and follow the instructions.

It is with deep gratitude that we honor the courageous firefighters who have dedicated their lives to protecting our community. Below is a layout of our Memorial Garden benches and the names of those that have played their part in building the legacy of the Houston firefighters.

Bench Names and Layout